Mobile Greyhound Betting

Greyhound racing is a niche racing sport and even though horse racing is the most popular form of racing betting, greyhound racing also has a huge following around the world and in New Zealand. Greyhounds are admired for being very well trained and can run at speeds of 40miles an hour. There are many racetracks in New Zealand and if you can’t make it to the track you can now watch live greyhound racing right on your mobile device. Betting has always played an important role in greyhound racing and without the betting, the sport doesn’t have lot of money.

Mobile punters who place bets on greyhound racing generate money for tracks, teams and fans. Mobile betting has really breathed new life into the sport and because of its global reach; it allows people who are located anywhere in the world to place greyhound bets on races. All the mobile bookmakers on this site will offer top notch greyhound racing for New Zealanders,  so be sure to read our reviews to find out more about the sport and the greyhound racing bets you can place.

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How Greyhound Racing Betting Works

Betting on greyhound’s works in a similar way to totes, for betting on horse races, this type of betting is called pari-mutuel betting. What this means is that all the money that has been collected from mobile punters is pooled together, so payouts are based on how much is bet on a certain race. Pari-mutuel betting is different from other sports betting because payouts are calculated as the greyhound racing bets are collected, so the odds and payouts are dependant on the amount of interest in a race from mobile punters.

Find Types of Greyhound Betting NZ

Greyhound betting on  is similar to betting on horses. All the same types of greyhound bets that are available on horse racing are also available for greyhound betting. There are many types of greyhound bets that you can make on greyhound races and as with most sports the straight bet to win is the most popular. The straight bet to win is a bet in which the punter picks one dog to win a race. The place bet is a bet that requires the punter to place a bet on a dog to finish 1st or 2nd; this is an easier bet and doesn’t pay as much as the straight bet. The show bet requires the punter to place abet on a single dog to finish in the top 3 in any order. The across the board bet is a combination of all the bets we have discussed above. This bet requires the punter to pick one dog and place 3 different bets on it, a win, a place and a show bet. If your dog comes in first place, you collect all 3 bets. If it comes in 2nd you collect on the place and show greyhound bets. If your dog comes in 3rd you collect on the show bet only.

The next group of bets in greyhound betting are called the exotic bets and some of the most popular exotic bets are the quinella in which the punter picks 2 different dogs and if they take first and second place you win. The trifecta bet is a bet in which the punter picks 3 dogs to come in 1st 2nd and 3rd place in that exact order.

If you are a New Zealand mobile punter and enjoy greyhound races, then read the reviews on this site and start greyhound racing betting at the best sportsbooks today.