Mobile Rugby Betting

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand and the New Zealand Rugby team is one of the best in the world. New Zealand mobile punters love placing rugby bets on both local and international rugby matches. There are some truly great local rugby betting opportunities for New Zealand rugby punters and of course the New Zealand rugby team play many international games throughout the year, as well as in the world cup every four years. On this site you will find all the upcoming games and statistics so that you can plan your rugby betting schedule.

Choosing the Right Rugby Team to Bet on NZ

When it comes to rugby, everyone has a favourite team and this is true of New Zealand mobile punters too. Punters are usually fiercely loyal to their team and place rugby bets on them whenever they play. Many rugby union betting punters find it difficult to place rugby bets on a team that they do not support. On this site we will provide you with a list of all the rugby games that are happening around the world in every league you can imagine which will allow you to place bets on teams that don’t support. We also offer all the relevant information on the teams that are playing so that you can make an informed decision and be more likely to win. Always remember to read up on a team’s statistics before placing a rugby bet.

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Great Variety of Rugby Bets Opportunities NZ

There are many great rugby bets that can be made on rugby, ranging from the straight forward to the more complicated exotic bets. If you are a novice punter, then it is always a good idea to stick to the simpler bets until you gain enough experience to place more complicated bets. Some the rugby bets available in mobile rugby betting are the Supremacy bet, in which the punter must predict by how many points a team will beat another team by. The Future bet, in which the punter must predict which team will win an entire tournament or series.

The First Try Scorer bet, in which the punter must predict which team will score the first points, this is a difficult bet but pays out very well if you predict correctly. The Outright Winner is one of the most popular bets and is a simple bet on which team will win a match. Total Points Betting is a bet in which the mobile punter predicts how many points there will be in a match, punters can also bet under or over the final score to secure a win. All the rugby bets that are available on this site will be explained to the punter in detail, so you never have to be confused.

The Best NZ Rugby Betting Odds

All the teams will have their odds next to their names on a bookmaker’s site informing the mobile punter how much will be paid out for a win. Underdog teams always have the highest odds, which mean that a win by an underdog will pay out more than a win by a favourite team.

Mobile rugby betting apps for New Zealanders is both fun and exciting. If you are a Kiwi who loves the exciting and suspenseful game of rugby, then get your iPhone or Android mobile and start placing rugby bets at the best rugby mobile betting sites recommended by us.