Discover Video Poker Online

Video Poker is quite a recent development and was first introduced to game houses in the 1970s, but its popularity has flourished ever since. The fantastic blend of low house edge, chance, skill, anonymity and massive wins have made this unique game one of New Zealand’s favourite forms of gambling!

A Slots-Poker Hybrid

In the early days, Video Poker machines were often called “Poker Slots” because of their simplicity, anonymity and speed is similar to traditional slots machines. However, a considerable amount of knowledge and skill are also involved, and a more accurate description of the game might be to say it falls between online NZ slots machines and traditional Poker online games. Based on Draw Poker, it is almost identical except that in the video version, participants play alone. Bets can be made with up to five coins, and the machine deals out five cards. Players choose the ones they wish to hold on to and those they wish to discard. The unwanted cards are replaced, and payouts are made according to the final value of the hand.

TOP video poker CASINOSJune 2024
1 IE allowed5/5$1,000 NZD Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5$1,600 NZD Play now
3 IE allowed4.8/5$350 NZD Play now
4 IE allowed4.7/5$750 NZD Play now
5 IE allowed4.6/5150% Match up to $200 NZD Play now

Favourable Player Odds

Video poker is a rare and exhilarating exception to the old adage that the house always wins. Savvy players can gain a serious advantage by watching for the most generous pay tables and playing wisely. Even tables that are slightly in favour of the machines can yield a return of over 100% if cash back, free play and other incentives and comps are properly factored in. As players practice more and get more familiar with the online casino games, selecting the right table usually becomes an automatic part of the strategy formulation and can lead to huge real money wins!

Great Selection of Games

Over the years there has been an explosion in variations of Video Poker, answering the demands of today’s savvy players and reflecting its ever-climbing popularity. Whereas Jacks or Better used to be the only game if this kind, there are now over one hundred versions! Most games use the standard deck of cards, and some also incorporate the Joker cards. With over two million possible card combinations, careful strategy formulation is essential!

Free and Real Money Video Poker Fun

The Video Poker games found in online New Zealand casinos deliver just as many thrills as their offline counterparts. They also offer great advantages to those looking to improve their game. Almost all reputable digital establishments provide free playing opportunities which are invaluable for practice before playing for thrilling real money wins. Many also offer ample resources on developing winning techniques, and innovative software applications aid in learning to read table layouts and ensure that the house edge does not increase. When it comes to Blackjack online and Video Poker, playing the game is an art that can always be refined.

However and wherever its many devotees enjoy this game, it provides some of the finest gambling action available today. Engaging the strategic skills of intelligent players and appealing to their love of thrills with elements of chance, it has proven irresistible to New Zealand online casino users and indeed to players around the world. With its potentially life-altering payouts, no casino visit can be called complete without a round or two of Video Poker!